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An open model for the future of citizen engagement

by Wayne Moses Burke

I was lucky enough to speak at the Salsa Labs Community Conference with Anne Dougherty from Clean Water Action and Alan Rosenblatt from the Center for American Progress Action Fund. The title of the panel was "Ready, Set, Action! Translate Online Actions into Offline Results".

Each of us presented a very different perspective on this topic. I discussed the future of citizen engagement and how to get involved in bringing it to fruition. Alan presented his impressive social media strategy for creating offline results, and Anne presented ways to use Salsa to enhance the effectiveness of online campaigns.

Below is a brief overview of my presentation.

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Salsa Weekly Highlight: Click2Call Actions

by Leslie Hall

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Ready to bump up the impact of your online actions?

Our friends (and Salsa partners) at New Signature have added an amazing tool to the Salsa Market: Click2Call Actions.

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