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The Wisdom of the Crowds, Political Junkie Edition

Our friends at Politics and Technology ran a "punditology challenge" asking readers to pick the winners of all the January presidential primaries, Republican and Democratic alike. The winners are here, (gosh, an A-list political blogger wins ... but it wasn't all favorites this weekend). So, here's the bullet point for that wisdom-of-the-crowds slide you need to update with fresh data:
Our collective picks scored 117 points - and were better than 96.2% of the individual punditologists.
Out of 563 entrants, "collective picks" would have tied for 20th. We saw much the same thing (in a smaller sample) for last year's Oscar pool. (Dear readers, should we reprise this?)

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Radical Conservative Transparency

In web 2.0, your community is your cause. Observe. The key lesson -- besides the obvious -- might be that top ten lists are a poor medium for conservatives.

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Oscars: Wisdom of Crowds?

We report, you decide. Here are the consensus choices from entries in the Nptech Oscar Pool, for those keeping score at home while refreshing the DIA blog between Ellen monologues. The parenthetical figure is the number out of 59 entrants who chose it. A winner, or a thinly-veiled excuse for cheesecake? Read on.

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