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DLCC's Michael Sargeant credits DLCCweb

by Jason Z.

The smart politics blog FiveThirtyEight has up an election-day interview with Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee executive director Michael Sargent.

As the conversation turns to technology, Sargeant calls out DLCCWeb, the innovative "website in a box" service for state legislative candidates built in Salsa just for the DLCC by Wired for Change.

538: Are you tinkering with any new technological tools or tactics in the field campaign and for voter contacting generally, and if so what?

Sargeant: It's an interesting question. We've all been taking a look from the last election on at a variety of things regarding microtargeting, and making sure we're also doing more polling and just being more aggressive as well at the doors doing GOTV.

One of the things we're very proud of is our DLCCweb program, which we're making available on our website for legislative candidates around the country using this. We have around 350 to 400 candidates around the country using this and they were in full force last election cycle in 2008.

538: So you are using it beyond these races in 2010 and beyond?

Sargeant: We first used it in the '08 races, again this year, and the program is just growing by leaps and bounds.

Pretty sweet. As the 2010 election cycle heats up in the month ahead, hundreds or thousands of Democratic legislative candidates will be rolling out professional campaign sites (not stuff like this) integrating online fundraising, unlimited blast e-mailing, events management, and an online database to track campaigns' supporters, volunteers, and donors, all for a couple bucks a day.

Be the first in your district to have it.