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Public transportation, America. Look into it.

by Jason Z.
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Last Friday, the Washington, D.C. metro system broke its all-time ridership record. Odds are that by the time you're reading this, Friday's record will have fallen a few times over again.

As DCist points out, there wasn't much special about Friday, July 11 -- just a nondescript summer day that "smashed" (well, okay, barely topped) the Reagan funeral record.

But this wasn't just some random blip.

Apart from Mondays, which seem to be systematically lower-ridership days (just like with online fundraising), Metro's top 25 weekday ridership days basically reads like the last few pages of my day planner. Every non-holiday Tuesday-through-Friday date for the past four weeks is among the very busiest days of Metro's history.

Date All-time Ridership Rank
Friday, July 11 1
Thursday, July 10 4
Wednesday, July 9 22
Tuesday, July 8 5
(Fourth of July fell on a Friday, the busiest July 4 in Metro's history)
Thursday, July 3 25
Wednesday, July 2 6
Tuesday, July 1 16
Friday, June 27 13
Thursday, June 26 18
Wednesday, June 25 3
Tuesday, June 24 8
Friday, June 20 9
Thursday, June 19 17
Wednesday, June 18 14
Tuesday, June 17 21

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