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Advocacy Tools You Need, Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

In the "vendor" portion of our role, we get to see some amusing marketing copy. Capitol Advantage this week announced a new tool called "Birthday Alerts" to help a few thousand of congresscritters' closest constituents jam their inbox or fax machine with form birthday greetings. Because clearly, what is lacking in the constituent-representative relationship is an adequate supply of webform messages that are -- their words -- "automated, fresh, and positive". I remember every time I weed out blogspam that nothing says fresh and positive like automation. Or as Judi Sohn (who isn't our customer but GetActive's) put it on her blog, "I know how wonderful it makes me feel when my electric company sends me a computer-generated 'Happy Birthday' message. I know the thought and love that went into it and I file it appropriately." Imagine the uncharted frontiers of increasingly creepy mass-messaging to elected officials that lie ahead. Congratulations on remarrying a younger wife! Condolences on the passing of your dog, Rex! Best wishes for the steady hand of your son's moyel! Back to Judi:
Does Your Advocacy Vendor Let You Wish Members of Congress "Happy Birthday"?
My answer: No. My Advocacy Vendor doesn't encourage me to add to the empty noise that's already filling inboxes and blocking out messages that matter.
(With apologies for the title to Irina Dunn.)