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Fee For Constituent Service

As the coalition of vendors (including DIA) providing email-your-rep services to advocacy organizations continues to churn away at the Congressional email deliverability logjam, the changing times may be in the process of evolving the question -- at least on the national level -- towards obsolescence. The Center for Citizen Media got a post-election pitch to buy an updated legislative directory, and sensibly wonders ... why does this cost money? "[M]aybe someone could create a wiki to keep track of comings and goings"? Congresspedia has it covered. And a tool like Google's Google Earth/electoral district mashup basically covers the part of the equation that determines a legislator from an address.

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Hunkering in the Swamps with Lame Duck Hunt

With the last remnants of the 109th Congress reconvening this week for their parting shots, it's a good time to surf over to Public Citizen's Lame Duck Hunt, which sounds seductively like The Most Dangerous Game but turns out to be a project to let the sunshine in on the shenanigans of lawmakers past the grasp of voter accountability.

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