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The Progressive's Guide to Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Instead of the usual flowers and brunch, why not try something new this year? You don't have to be a mother, or even have a mother, to enjoy all of the Mother's Day events and offerings from some of the many organizations in the DIA community. Here are a few Mother's Day campaigns to check out: Mothers Acting Up: For a $25 donation, Mothers Acting Up will send a Mother's Day Card to the all the mothers in your life. Click here to send your cards! Also on the Mothers Acting Up agenda is a list of Mother's Day events they are hosting all over the country, from Ma10th to May 13th . Find one near you, and don't forget to bring mom! CIVIC: Still haven't found the perfect Mother's Day present? At CIVIC, you can make a donation in a friend or family member's name, and they will receive a special card from CIVIC. Your loved ones will be proud to be involved with helping Iraq and Afghanistan families recover from tragedy, and what gift could be more meaningful? Women's Edge Coalition: The Women's Edge Coalition website's special "Shop the Cause" section offers beautiful handicrafts and jewelry from a number of fair trade partners around the world. When you buy products from the Women's Edge website, ten percent of the proceeds go to the Global Opportunity for Women Campaign. CodePink: CodePink is going all out for Mother's Day 2007! There will be events all over the country from May 10th to May 14th including Women Rock DC, which will feature Gloria Steinem, Cindy Sheehan, Annie Nelson, Cindy Asner and many other influential women. The Mother's Day 2007 website features many different ways to get involved, from buying gifts to signing a Mother's Day appeal to congress. Click here to explore the campaign. Mother's Day for Peace: Celebrate the true meaning of Mother's Day by sending an e-card along with a donation to No More Victims. Click here to learn about the origins of the holiday and learn about who your donations will help. *compiled by our lovely intern, Christy.