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Vigilance against the Counterrevolutionary Tea Parties!

by Jason Z.

To: People's Central Soviet
Fr: DemocracyInAction
Dt: Wealth Expropriation Day, 2009
Re: Counter-revolutionary elements


It has come to the attention of the Commissariat of Political Statism (ComPoSt) that some rascals and reactionary elements remain insufficiently suppressed, and a palpable danger to our decrepit regime.

ComPoSt informers have determined that Narodniks are plotting anti-progressive uprisings that may number in the dozens. Furthermore, these subversives may be planning to destroy chai ration cards in defiance of the ulamah.

Appropriations for DemocracyInAction from George Soros (laundered as per usual) have enabled us to infiltrate saboteurs among this parasitical element, but organizers are on their guard against our false flag operations.

Beware of violence!

Putschists are openly arming and boast of having "literally ... shoved out of the way" those "that have attempted to control the freedom movement."