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Number One With a Bullet

Two DIA groups rank among the "Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America" as reckoned by Family Security Matters. Congratulations to:
  • #8 CodePink (5-1, 3-1 Pac-10), "nothing more than a far- Left group of loony, hypocritical women."
  • #5 Center for American Progress (6-0, 4-0 Big East), doing "far less thinking than it does smearing and misleading" off its upset of the seventh-ranked ACLU.

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An E-Organizing (and Just Plain Organizing) Victory: Free Schuylkill River Park Frees Schuylkill River Park

Congratulations to one of the earlier DIA users, Free Schuylkill River Park for doing just what their name avowed.
Every action by the group was meticulously explained on its site (, and "action alerts" were sent to its growing list of subscribers any time the group needed lobbying of City Council, CSX or the company's own customers to get behind pro-access initiatives. The response was so instant, the rebuttals so relentless, CSX just couldn't stay nimble.

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