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Get It While It's Hot

The time is upon buy new software. Techsoup's fiscal year ends June 30th so any purchases made before that time count towards last year's cap. The new fiscal year starts July 1st so that once again makes you eligible for donated software. You can't lose!

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The Persistence of Time

"For everything there is a season, And a time for every matter under heaven." -Ecclesiastes Seemingly that pitilessly neutral arbiter of our days, time -- or rather, the human relationship with it -- repeatedly reveals itself a contested terrain. The latest (albeit lesser) crater to pockmark that Sea of Tranquility is coming down the pike in the form of a U.S. Daylight Saving Time -- a controversial topic in its own day, and still a hot one in Indiana -- has been pushed up several weeks in 2007, to March 11 (and given a post-Halloween end date, to the delight of candy manufacturers).

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