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DemocracyInAction Closed July 9 and 10

This Monday and Tuesday, we'll be officially closed as the burgeoning DemocracyInAction team -- including all the new non-D.C. staff -- dons its ceremonial garb and convenes an organizational retreat. Responses to support tickets will run a bit slower than usual, though we'll still keep an eye on them -- now's a great opportunity to get acquainted with the user manual and other documentation. Emergency technical support -- for things like "the system's down" or "e-mail isn't going out" -- will continue to be on hand 24/7 through tech at democracyinaction dot org, but as usual, please don't use this address for general support questions. Any other inquiries are welcome as always, but be aware that we might not be able to return a message until later in the week.

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And Now, We Break for the Pledge Drive

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We want to apologize in advance for those among our readers who are distinctly uninterested in our new user interface. This blog has a few different audiences, partially overlapping but still well short of synoptic. (And judging by our Feedburner stats, their names are: mom, and dad.) Some are DIA users; many others are not. Some are in the nonprofit tech space; others only touch it incidentally, and perhaps less from desire than from compulsion. Some are organizers, fundraisers or advocates who only care about technology's ability to extend their work; others are geeks who'd just as soon see code change the world.

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