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Where's Kintera?

There's a conspicuous absence from the sponsorship credits at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference home page I stumbled upon in preparing yesterday's low-key upcoming events post. A dependable occupant of the conference's logo rolls the past few years, it's nowhere to be found in 2007. It's a fact of no special importance on its own (except perhaps to NTEN!), but easily read as another milepost in the struggling firm's departure from the data management and CRM universe of rank-and-file nonprofits. Naturally said reading is utter speculation; we have no special insight into this from either side of the [non-]transaction. It also just happens to vindicate with specificity an offhanded prediction made waaaaaaaaay back when this here blog was a mere zygote:
...don't be surprised if that Gold Sponsor line on the program book cover of your favorite nonprofit tech event has a different occupant next time around.
Well, okay, it took an extra year. Who are we to judge?