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Happy Memorial Day

I didn't have the opportunity to post these photos of children watching Victory Day parades in Chelyabinsk, Russia, when they were current back on May 9. Now that I've shaken the dust of the road off, a long weekend (stateside) with a martial theme seems like a good enough excuse to me. Someday, this generation will come to you and ask, "what was the 'summer driving season'?"

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Elbow Room

The whole D.C. staff of DemocracyInAction has been working from home the past week as walls were pulled down to take over more space on our floor. The burgeoning DIA staff now no longer has to hot bunk but will be entitled to one full hour of exercise a day in our expansive new facilities (and a Diet Coke for every line of functioning code). We used to have this wall: Here's what we did with it:

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An NTC Kaleidoscope

With apologies that fatigue and connectivity issues (I think every tech conference I've been to this year has had wireless problems ...), a few random snippets from the Nonprofit Tech Conference.
Wednesday, April 4 Vendor fair. No iPods won (note: for a Nano, I'll link to Satan himself), but an adequate haul of swag -- GoLightly has the stroke of genius with shot glasses for which their moniker is singularly apt. (But why do they come containing jelly beans?) DIA and PICnet collaborate on a good way to use them: the unofficial NTC drinking game (.pdf), readily adaptable to all manner of similar events. Our table gives away Salsa. With a smile.

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