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My Day with the Marketers

Last week, I went to the New Media Marketing Conference offered by DMAW. My reason for going was that I wanted to see what for-profit's were doing with marketing in the days of web 2.0 goodness. Fear not, nonprofits; they're trying to figure out what we've been up to for the last few years. Most of the conference was about the basics of "new media". Should you have a blog? Answer: probably. The most rousing contribution came from CC Chapman*, who delved into just how wide the reach of digital media is for for-profit companies. People are blogging, posting, Twittering, and Facebooking about YOUR company. Angry is better than silent, so pay attention. The most interesting thing that I learned at the conference was how to measure the success of new media efforts. Here are the ingredients (and I apologize for not writing down who gave this presentation, but he was from Ogilvy.) Engagement and Reach -impressions -unique visitors -video's viewed Word of Mouth -number of mentions, posts, comments -number of tell-a-friends sent -inbound links Earned media -offline media mentions -online media mentions Search Visibility -higher search results -3rd party results Research -customer/stakeholder feedback -product sampling *I disagree with his insistence that Twitter matters. At least not for nonprofits doing the supporters-action-donations dance. If we're talking mobilization tactics al la Smart Mobs, then I could see it. I'm gonna put this one in the passing craze category. If someone would like to enlighten me, of course, this is the place to do it.