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Pew Study Confirm Cell Phones Rule

(so start thinking about your mobile strategy)

That’s right, more Americans in 2007 said it would be harder to give up their cell phone over, well just about anything that truly matters, including internet, TV, landline telephone or watching the Office. Those who say it would be very hard to give up: Cell phone 51% Internet 45 Television 43 Landline telephone 40 Email 37 The study, called Mobile Access to Data and Information, also concluded that “62% of all Americans are part of a wireless, mobile population that participates in digital activities away from home or work”. Texting was the most popular activity. If your group works with Hispanics or young adults, you’ll especially want to consider how a mobile phone strategy could benefit your mission. The study showed that English speaking Hispanics and young adults are by far leading the way with handheld mobile devices. What this means for activists is that you might want to put this on the “to-do” list next year and integrate your mobile messaging into your campaign strategy, website and CRM. A great resource is on this subject is MobileActive If your organization isn't dialed into a mStrategy, don’t worry, most organizations aren’t for a number of reason including expense and technology. This will soon change, so be prepared by reading the following “Do’s and Don’ts of mAdvocacy” Or just listen to this great panel from the WomenWhoTech teleconference: Mobile Activism - How can we use mobile technology to fight for social justice issues and raise money for organizations?