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Micro Fundraising Tips

The name of the mirco-fundraising game is this: Turn strangers into friends, friends into donors, and donors into fundraisers. I got this sage advise from Peter Dietiz of foik, who offered an insightful webinar on microfundraising through NTEN’s webinar series. Finally, there are a variety of tools that make this easier said than done recipe for success achievable. Mirco-fundraising is also referred to as group, peer, or person-to-person fundraising. This strategy essentially gives someone the tools they need to collect money on behalf of the cause of their choice. Below are a few great tips on what to expect. You can also purchase the webinar and check out his references at Group Fundraising 101: From Benchmarks to Success Stories. Benchmarks for group fundraising. This is based on his recent study called Show Me the Numbers: Can Group Fundraising Help You?" $43 - Average donation amount $693 - Average amount raised per campaign $16 - Average number of contributors per campaign 35% - Response rate (this is the overall fundraising campaign response instead of a one time email) Peter’s benchmark study doesn’t end here. He provides helpful exercises on how to develop realistic plan. GENERAL TIPS FOR SUCCESS - Staff should manage each fundraiser (be a resource). - Present a clear picture of where the money is going - Use matching funds combined with a deadline - Creativity and hummers work great (feed the seeing eye dog biscuits for $$) Let us know what your experience has been.