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NTEN Seeking Online Success Stories for ABC News Piece

Copied verbatim from a message NTEN E.D. Katrin Verclas posted to a listserv, and which has as I've been typing this become a blog entry of its own ... a very short-notice opportunity to share your online success story with the world.
I am seeking some very good stories from YOU for a piece on ABC News/vcast that will feature "technology for good' or how nonprofits are using tech to make the world a better place. Here is what I am looking for: Nonprofits are getting more and more savvy in using tech - and deploying techies who are doing good in the world. In April, more than 1,000 of these "Techies for Good" are coming to Washington DC. What do these orgs do? They... * run online campaigns and interactive games (yep, games) to highlight the plight of the people in Darfur... * use innovate distributed Internet calling centers to provide legal help to low-income people with pro-bono volunteers.... * use mobile phones to engage volunteers * run online communities of moms with children with birth defects... * use video and audio in support of human rights work around the world... * use and build social networks of people who care for a cause * run online friend-raising campaigns with a cool widget, a community of friends, and a purpose (help a child in Cambodia ;) * build emergency wireless systems out of the box as the next hurricane hits (remember those mash-networks in New Orleans?) You get the idea. What I want: * a story from YOU - compelling, simple (remember, this is mainstream television) and with an angle that middle America can grok * some real and verifiable background data - how many people reached, how much money raised, policy changed, lives saved... -- more than punditry, please, and yes, we fact-check. * a URL, a flash site/animation (yep, Free Range), a ringtone, a compelling message, a branded phone, an IM client, a campaign, a policy victory, a fine widget, a video -- give me something to show. It's TV, after all. I come with Mac, Ipod, and phone and will swing them all around. * any tech and any issue welcome - make your case.
Post tips in the comments of NTEN's blog entry or e-mail it to those parts directly, but hurry -- when the clock strikes midnight, it turns into a pumpkin.