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Remixable DIA Blog

I don't know what to say to this ... UFO Breakfast Recipients, one of my favorite blogs (see it hanging in our blogroll under "Subversives"), baked me a digital cake for my recent two-year anniversary: Musicians and programmers who play for the good guys, remixed by Scruggs into an original video (.ogg | .mov) version of my Two Years in Nptech post. Dang, that's sweet. And extra thanks for the acquaintance of the new-to-me Brad Sucks.

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Mashup Congress for Fun and Profit. Mostly Profit.

The Sunlight Foundation is sponsoring a contest for data mashups that display information about Congress for "Sunlight Week" Mar. 11-17. Click here for the details. Not geeky? Try this out ... they've got their own contest which might score you an iPod into the bargain.

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DIA Embraces Web 2.0? This Is News?

Oh, you mean the other DIA.
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) is seeing "mushrooming" use of these various Web 2.0 technologies that are becoming critical to accomplishing missions that require intelligence sharing among analysts... "Web 2.0 mashup fans on the Internet would be very much at home in the burgeoning environment of top-secret mashups, which use in some cases Google Earth and in some cases other geospatial, temporal or other display characteristics and top-secret data."
Source. Via Smart Mobs.

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