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DIA Clients Map

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I've put together a map of all the DIA clients nationwide. They appear as pink markers. With Zeemaps, you can filter what is shown by whose account it is. So, for example, if you click on "search," you can select different criteria search for all accounts in New York, or all accounts owned my Charles Lenchner, etc. The green stars on blue circles indicate that there are multiple clients in the area, and the pink markers indicate a single client.

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Google Embeddable Maps Debut

The Mountain View borg strikes again. Google today went public with embeddable maps, YouTube style. Here's DIA's neighborhood:
View Larger Map So just like YouTube, you don't have to face the choice of rocking the API or sending people away from your site to give geographic data. Considering the plentitude of mashup awesomeness already on-hand for Google maps, and the obvious utility for some nonprofits of using geographic representations, it'll be a lot of fun to see how this gets used.

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