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E-Advocacy Strategies Not to Use

by Jason Z.

So you know: think twice before targeting your email lobbying campaign at the federal judge who's hearing your case.

Facing a new ruling from U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman, after a federal appeals court instructed him to reconsider an earlier $37.6 million contempt sanction, infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau apparently thought the judge might take note of praise from his fans for his books.

And Gettleman clearly did. Finding his court e-mail and BlackBerry flooded with thousands of messages sent in response to a blog post yesterday by the syndicated radio talk show host, the judge addressed what he described as e-mail harassment by threatening to have marshals come and get Trudeau if he didn't appear at an emergency hearing today, reports the Associated Press.

Then, when Trudeau did appear, the judge held him in criminal contempt and required him to surrender his passport and post $50,000 bond, the news agency recounts.

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Happy Halloween: Mind the Werewolves

It's spooky that a site like even has enough material to exist. But did you notice that there won't be any new dates from the U.S. for a while? Not that our fair country is exactly free of medieval superstitions in our modern courts. Satanic murder case, "pretty much a witch hunt"?

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