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Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act Signed

by Jason Z.

President Obama this morning signed into law the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, correcting a Supreme Court ruling that essentially stripped victims of pay discrimination of any access to redress.

This victory for working people is also a victory for Moms Rising, one of the most nimble and effective organizations in the Salsa user community (anyone at last June's user conference probably remembers their presentations).  MomsRising has worked this legislation hard over the past two years, including one of the coolest twists on write-your-rep that we've seen:  when Sen. John McCain opined that underpaid women needed more education, MomsRising answered with a "send McCain your resume" action that inundated him with thousands of C.V.s. (Followed up with another supporting e-action for the day the resumes were delivered in person.)

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Guess What McCain's Running On.

Like most of the blogoverse, I've consented to the unsatisfying and barely compensated practice of selling myself to Google Adsense on my hobby blog, which I should add is pointedly non-partisan. I hardly monitor religiously the stuff Google pitches my paltry readership, but you get the occasional one that makes you scratch your head and flip back to the entry to figure out how it made the match. Other times, there's less mystery than an episode of Columbo. Like when you post about an execution in Iran, and you get ...

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