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Public Inquiry Poetry II

As before, every word that follows is excerpted from a non-spam message received -- in some context -- from our contact form or as a general message to our info e-mail address...
Nearly 2,500 years ago (reference Ezekiel 38:7), God directed the ancient nation of Gog (modern day Russia) to be a guardian over Persia (modern day Iran) in the last days. it appears to be fairly widespread, which is causing me great anxiety :-) Sorry! Living with my girl is to be preferred! (We are gretting Married!)

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Weird Searches

With the help of millions of links pointing to action pages in the domain, this blog is a search gorilla in spite of its unprepossessing traffic. You'll find us cropping up at the oddest times, like (and these are all actual searches in the past few weeks) ... if you don't like it go to russia stop thinking let things happen be the ball (take that, actual Caddyshack quote pages!)

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How This Blog Is Built

Everyone wonders how we maintain a commanding presence among Technorati's top half-million blogs. When you've got it, you've got it. But you can at least feel like you're dope like us by cribbing from our blog toolkit. I. Drupal, of course, is the content management system for the entire DIA site, and our blogging tool as well -- yes, even though we have a blog tool of our own. Drupal is the base; everything else is superstructure.

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And Thanks for All the Fish

Happy May Day, comrades. We don't do Law Day here. I'll miss you for the next month, whilst across the sea recapturing backpacking and hosteling days of yore (but sadly, not the dollar of yore). Posting will go a bit lighter here in May but besides the watery gruel of prewritten fare should be a few less commonly heard voices both within and without the organization (and if you'd like to submit a guest blog post, contact Mara here) so any deficiency in quantity ought to be overcompensated by quality and freshness.

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