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Getting Started with Scoring

by Trina Zahller

Did you miss last week's "Third Thursday" workshop on

Salsa's Scoring tool


Not to worry! All the session materials are now available online. Take a look and find some inspiration for master-class segmentation and targeting on your supporter list in Q4.

Screenshot: 1Sky scoring presentation
Screenshot: Salsa Labs scoring presentation
Garth Moore's presentation on strategic messaging with Scoring, available on Slideshare or as a downloadable pdf
Jason Z's presentation on configuring scoring algorithms in your Salsa headquarters, available on Slideshare or as a downloadable pdf

Scoring does require a special software package that; at the moment, only Salsa staff can enable that package for you, so if you want to start tinkering, drop us a line at support at

Oh, and pencil in

Thursday, Oct. 21

at the same time and place for our next Third Thursday workshop:

Making the Most of End-of-Year Giving

. (We're also conducting a

strategy webinar

on that same subject Oct. 20.)