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E-xemplar: Ways to Make Legislative Campaigns Suck Less

My fondness for liberals, smart people, and Wisconsin politicians (not to mention good food) aided in my decision to read the Environmental Working Group's recent email on their Organics Petition. Even though Development Associate David (no, I didn't realize that was his title until I searched their site) once spent a good amount of a phone call laughing at my Wisconsin accent when I was trying to explain tags, I enjoy working with the EWG. But even more notably, I enjoy well-crafted campaigns. This action nicely displays a few ways to make them suck less (albeit in the service of an uphill struggle):

Step 1: Pictures are worth a thousand words.

This video was short, energizing, and provided a terrific visual of the support already behind the bill. It's one thing to be told about an issue, but to see an example of what an organization is already doing is quite motivational.

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Happy Earth Day

A couple friends of DIA, Free Range Graphics and Care2, collaborated on this Earth Day piece, being used by Care2 to drive traffic, especially outside the U.S., to its Earth Day Pledge. Free Range Graphics, the creator of the piece, is offering a chance to get some of that action for yourself through their Gratitude Grant, but hurry -- the deadline is May 1.

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E-xemplar: Earth Day Network Ramps for April 22

Earth Day Network, one of our newer users, is hailing the approach of their signature holiday with multiple online actions. The action here is pretty straightforward as pertains the technics -- there's also a pledge to use energy-efficient bulbs, which is a basic signup page -- but it's drawing traffic from several enormous mailing lists looking for topical links and turning its supporter signup chart vertical.

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