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Colin Delany From e.politics Tells Everyone We Rock!

Colin was on my panel at NTEN, but I don't think this is payback.... "This was also the first time I’ve worked with a DemocracyInAction account, which turned out to be a joy after years of fiddling with GetActive (sorry, friends at GA). The setup was extremely easy and the site was free of the kinds of stylesheet clashes that have been maddening on other systems. And, their API works (unlike GA’s, which is no longer supported), so it was also easy to port the petition over to the main Wetlands site and have it interact with the DIA database seamlessly. Expensive legacy providers had better watch out — DIA’s gonna be eating into your bidness right quick."

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E-xemplar: Outstanding Advocacy Websites

As selected by Colin at e.politics. Many, though not all, are DIA users (and note our absence from the acknowledgments, confirming we didn't stuff the ballot box!). But regardless of contractual affiliation, it's a tidy little window-shop of aesthetically and strategically tight pages that activism- and advocacy-oriented groups might enjoy cribbing from.

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