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An E-Organizing (and Just Plain Organizing) Victory: Free Schuylkill River Park Frees Schuylkill River Park

Congratulations to one of the earlier DIA users, Free Schuylkill River Park for doing just what their name avowed.
Every action by the group was meticulously explained on its site (, and "action alerts" were sent to its growing list of subscribers any time the group needed lobbying of City Council, CSX or the company's own customers to get behind pro-access initiatives. The response was so instant, the rebuttals so relentless, CSX just couldn't stay nimble. ... [I]t's also clear that support never would have coalesced if Free the River hadn't had the savvy to first make a case for its cause to a major funder - the William Penn Foundation - and then organize so strategically that it became easy for park lovers to support the cause. "There was such a groundswell, it kept us going," said Clark Stuart. "People's belief in this was so inspiring." But just because people believe in a great idea doesn't mean it will turn into something real and wonderful. They need help to make that happen. Free the River helped them. And the waterfront will never look the same because of it.