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Number One With a Bullet

Two DIA groups rank among the "Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America" as reckoned by Family Security Matters. Congratulations to:
  • #8 CodePink (5-1, 3-1 Pac-10), "nothing more than a far- Left group of loony, hypocritical women."
  • #5 Center for American Progress (6-0, 4-0 Big East), doing "far less thinking than it does smearing and misleading" off its upset of the seventh-ranked ACLU.

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Democracy In Action: Coalition Launches

Among the coalition launching today are several DIA users including Brave New Films, whose video this is. H/t A Tiny Revolution, who asks, "In all of American history, has there ever been a government official who deserved impeachment more than Dick Cheney?"

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E-xemplar (Shameless Self-Promotion Class): Codepink's Fasting Directory

 Directories are one of our newer tools, and not that widely understood or adopted. In a nutshell, they allow you to offer your site visitors the ability to query parts of your database for certain types of information. (You control who they search for and how.)

So we were thrilled to see our resident lightning rods Codepink use it to support their now-ongoing TroopsHomeFast.

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