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Growing Needs, Shrinking Budget? Hit the Warp Drive to Salsa Enterprise.

by Jason Z.

In an economic climate uglier than any for the past quarter-century -- at least -- nonprofits of every size are facing potential shortfalls in the lean years ahead.

If you're in that boat, maybe you're looking at a CRM-sized hole in the budget and wondering:

Can we possibly afford to put our CRM fee to a more critical use?

Can we possibly afford not to keep the efficiency and impact our online data services give us?

Tough choice.  Luckily, you don't have to make it.

Say hello to Salsa Enterprise -- everything that large, complex nonprofits need, at a price that doesn't break the bank.

Join a Salsa Enterprise webinar on Tuesday, Nov. 25 to find out how to save tens of thousands and get the robust CRM toolset -- mass e-mailing, online donations, advocacy, and an integrated view of supporters -- plus free data migration from Convio, Kintera, GetActive, Blackbaud, Capitol Advantage or any other system; personalized training; strategy support; and a dedicated account manager.

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Advocacy Tools You Need, Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

In the "vendor" portion of our role, we get to see some amusing marketing copy. Capitol Advantage this week announced a new tool called "Birthday Alerts" to help a few thousand of congresscritters' closest constituents jam their inbox or fax machine with form birthday greetings. Because clearly, what is lacking in the constituent-representative relationship is an adequate supply of webform messages that are -- their words -- "automated, fresh, and positive". I remember every time I weed out blogspam that nothing says fresh and positive like automation.

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