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The best, most affordable tool ... don't take our word for it

by Jason Z.

Flattering call-out from Billy "Upski" Wimsatt, League of Young Voters founder who probably doesn't even remember working down the hall from me on U Street.

We were younger and more innocent then.  Well, I was; Upski was probably already on the precursor of the no-fly list for writing Bomb the Suburbs.  Nowadays, the League is one of our favorite member orgs and a constant source of ideas both Salsa-based and otherwise. (Also a source of DIA staff.)

Anyway, in this In These Times "20 Questions" interview, Wimsatt shares the love right back.

What’s your favorite web-based tool for your job? Give us a quick walk through on how to use it.

I have to give props to for the best, most affordable web-based data management tool. It keeps getting better –and it’s run with a movement vision. Let a thousand MoveOn’s bloom! (Just, please, not in my inbox.)