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The Progressives Guide to Valentine's Day

Is your tooth achin' just thinking about chocolate hearts and teddy bears? Try these low fat, non-material alternatives.

First, some double click action to get warmed up.

Send a thank you to jewelers who've pledged to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale mining, including the proposed Pebble gold mine. Send Congress a Valentine and ask your member to support the legislation to establish a Department of Peace to help end violence against women. Games and Valentines don't mix, but try this MomsRising wishing game and share your healthcare wishes. Send these adorable Oceana e-cards to your friends and fam. They even have some for the kids- Cute!

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The Progressives Guide to Holiday Gift-Giving

Once again, we've assembled an assortment of gift-giving options that span the gamut of DIA's members and their respective causes. There are many awesome gifts available through our community that you can feel good about giving. The gift-giving ideas are seperated into easy-to-navigate categories. Make sure to visit them all!

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The Progressive's Guide to Mother's Day

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Instead of the usual flowers and brunch, why not try something new this year? You don't have to be a mother, or even have a mother, to enjoy all of the Mother's Day events and offerings from some of the many organizations in the DIA community. Here are a few Mother's Day campaigns to check out: Mothers Acting Up: For a $25 donation, Mothers Acting Up will send a Mother's Day Card to the all the mothers in your life. Click here to send your cards!

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The Progressive's Guide to Valentine's Day

Start out by sending your pals an E-Card to show that you care, courtesy of Oceana. Don't forget the administration! Ask them to lead the way in defending the whales. Whale hunting for commercial purposes must be stopped, calm returned to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, and the government of the United States must stand up with its citizens for the whales and the oceans that give them life. Still not sure what to get your Valentine? How about a special gift that is sure to warm their hearts and cool the planet.

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DIA's Alternative Gift Giving Guide

Hmmm, what to get your pals for the holidays? I present to you:

DIA's Alternative Gift Giving Guide

Get something cool this year—there are plenty of organizations selling interesting merchandise Democracy. It's a Gorgeous Thing. Check out the MMob's democracy-inspired holiday gift ideas. Be a PEER Undercover Activist, with shorts to match. Get the War Tapes DVD from IAVA. ASAP. Do you stand on the side of love? Prove it with a UUA T-shirt. Order the DVD that shows the solution to our healthcare mess From Violence To Wholeness, in paperback. Are you for Safe Access? Get the gear.

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