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Montana Primary Turns Olot of D's

Newsflash - Montana is a politically dynamic state. Obama wins primary. Oh Montucky... land of Red and Blue, and where every vote counts. Obama carried the state in Tuesday's primary election with 102,544 votes to Sen. Hillary Clinton’s 75,053. What's exciting is the 95% voter increase from Democrats compared to the 2004 Montana presidential primary.... basically twice as many D's voted! Check out NewWest's breakdown of the MT primary. Let's review the primary results: 2008 Total Votes Cast = 277,138 D: 181,986 (66%) R: 95,232 (34%) 2004 Total Votes Cast = 220,210 D: 93,543 (42.5%) R: 112,747 (51.2%) I'm no politico (this guy is), but despite the large D turnout, the Montana could easily vote R for the Prez. Either way, it will be close. As member group Forward Montana points out, with a state that has less than a million people, every vote counts. It's not unusual for smaller races to be determined by a couple votes. Forward Montana is a group to watch. They are doing an excellent job mobilizing and engaging young voters with state and local politics. They not only make volunteering funner than watching TV, but easy as montucky pie.