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Looks Like a Duck, Walks Like a Duck, Podcasts Like a Duck

Smart New York City communications consultant Big Duck -- DIA hearts Big Duck -- has been paddling into the wonderful world of podcasting on nonprofit communications. It's a nice addition to their "resources" section, well worth grazing for articles. There's a fresh one posted this week called "Taglines -- your org in seven words or less". Hmmm. I wonder what they'd make of "Wiring the Progressive Movement"... Big Duck's previous edition, "Writing for the web -- Less is more" is also a good one for web workers, and authoritative ammunition if you need to convince the boss to trim that 3,000-word essay they want to blast to their mailing list.


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The addition of podcasting to Big Duck's repertoire is praised as a valuable resource, particularly for professionals in the nonprofit sector. Cricbet99 Reddy Anna

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