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Salsa Status Report XIV

  • BUG: tag syntax is now validated on creation so it's no longer possible to create unusable tags (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed a problem where redirects for distributed events weren't overwriting the default redirect (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed a problem where the 'Return to Your Report' link was showing up on default (uneditable) reports (minor)
  • BUG: On the Create a Distributed Event public-facing page, setting the event to Private was actually making it default to Inactive (minor)
  • BUG: fixed bug that wasn't allowing people to log in to comment on blogs. (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added a Beginning Content field to the LTE workflow
  • ENHANCEMENT: blastContent.jsp now sorts by Scheduled Time instead of Date Requested (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Inactive event pages will now no longer display the event, instead displaying "This event is no longer active" (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Replaced a field on the Recipient list page with Email (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Replaced the Date Requested field with Scheduled Time on the email blast summary list page (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: email blasts are now stripped of all <script> and <xml> tags, which were causing some problems (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: created new smart "auto update" groups which, when associated with queries, update their members automatically using a back end process. (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: new export to file option for query results. (major)


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