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DIA Empowers Grant

It's a new year and we're happy to announce that we're opening yet another round of DIA Empowers Grants. Since the inception of the grant program, the response from our community has been phenomenal! Over the last year we've awarded 8 grants to very worthy groups from a wide range of issue areas within the progressive movement who are now successfully using the DIA platform, Salsa, to bolster their online efforts. Given this success, we're happy to again offer grants to 5 worthy organizations. If you've been thinking about trying Salsa, or are already a DIA member with a tight budget, you should apply! You'll receive one year of Salsa free-of-charge (a value of up to 10k). Some of the features you'll be able to use for your website include:
  • donation processing and tracking
  • unlimited email communications
  • event management
  • action campaigns and petitions
  • robust and extensible database for supporter and donor management
To apply, please fill out our application by February 15th. If you know a group that could use a DIA Empowers Grant pass this on!


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