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Salsa Status Report XI

This will be for last Salsa Status Report of 2007. See you in the New Year!

  • ENHANCEMENT: The email blast summary list page is now much faster (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added target summary info to email blast summary page (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added support for ActBlue donation processing (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Quite a bit of work on the personal fundraising pages, including adding a secure link to the workflow, fixing the donor trigger select box, and adding previously missing descriptions to the donate pages. (medium)
  • BUG: Queries on donations now exclude refunded donations (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed SQL syntax error created by a rare query setup (minor)
  • BUG: Chapter templates resolved (medium)
  • BUG: Recurring donations with PayPal resolved (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Web Analytics code deployed, and gathering hit information (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: New storefront reports built (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Address information added for storefront checkouts (minor)


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