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Salsa Status Report X

Many enhancements this issue. Updated Nov. 29 for a couple late reports.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug with queries and email blaster that permissioned blasts differently than queries (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in queries which rarely caused an SQL syntax error (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed corrupted Spanish & French characters on many pages (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed Last_Modified date getting changed every time a user viewed a campaign page (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed problem with tab color and background images for packages with keys divisible by 11 (weird)
  • BUG: Fixed tax status & event drop-downs when creating a new donation page (minor)
  • BUG: Out of sync codebase scenarios resolved (medium)
  • BUG: Removed extra </ul> and </div> on event/index.jsp (medium)
  • BUG: Bug fix for duplicate key violations (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added a new link next to email blast links in summary report which will list each individual supporter who clicked the given link (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added a note above the Restrictions field on the Create a Campaign workflow that restrictions are disabled right now. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: All pages now accept the /salsa prefix, instead of the /dia prefix -- most links are still /dia, as is the default login, but this is the start of the conversion. E.G. /dia/hq/ can now be /salsa/hq/ (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Common, single password, LDAP system implemented for admin login (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Increased number of events shown when searching by postal code (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Made the Transaction Type field on donation edit pages editable. (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Multiple tags can now be selected in one query condition (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: New address support added -- there is now a separate 'address' table that holds addresses. (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Now allowing common queries across organizations from organization 0 account (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: On the Standard Field tab of the supporter edit page, a new option in the Receive Email field has been added that allows you to mark the primary address as bad or expired. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Order field more accessible for LTE talking points (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Simplified wysiwyg image pop-up (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Simplified wysiwyg link pop-up, removed unintuitive "protocol" drop down (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Storefront -- new shipping address section added (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Support added for merging task fields in workflows, to allow more customized workflows (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: The list of groups on groups.jsp's information tab is now sorted by name. (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Updated events to use new event_email_trigger table (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: The chapter_lookup table allows for new signups to automatically be added in a chapter that matches the zip they have signed up in (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Chapter tool will send the supporter an email with information on the chapter_organizer, volunteer_organizer as well as an email to the various organizers with the information of the new sign up. (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Chapter Officers ported from packages (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: URL rewrites enhanced to deal with simpler rewrite syntax for new websites (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: .sjs file support added to allow server side Javascript from files, not just the database (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Header filters added to improve performance in the Headquarters (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Deployed Memcached support to reduce logouts, and better manage changing templates with multiple webservers on a single node (major)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Partner support deployed to the admin section, and admin section reorganized to support partner based logins for subsets of organizations. (major)


Wow. You guys have been busy!

Thanks for these updates and all the work that you do -- chock full of great stuff!

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