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DIA Empowers Grants: Project Katrina...and the Winners Are

Part of our mission has always been to democratize online advocacy. We want to break down financial barriers and allow groups--even the smallest ones--to be able to access our tools platform, Salsa. The Empowers grant gives full access to Salsa to those groups who need it most. These groups use the tools to customize their user experience while efficiently engaging their supporters. Sending out action alerts, creating dynamic content pages, easily sending emails to representatives, processing online donations, creating reports, and planning events are just the beginning. Once a group received the Empowers grant, they're a part of the DIA community and can share tips, attend trainings and events, and collaborate with the progressive community to make change. For this round, we focused on groups working to better the lives of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. And now, the winners: Louisiana Justice Institute The Louisiana Justice Institute is a nonprofit, civil rights legal advocacy organization, devoted to fostering social justice campaigns across Louisiana for communities of color and for impoverished communities. They strive to serve as the Justice Portal for Louisiana and the Gulf Coast by utilizing multimedia documentation and information-sharing activities including a state-of-the-art, interactive web site, with text, pictures, audio and video. Tracie Washington of LJI says " I know we do good work, but we're like the tree that falls in the forest if no one hears about the struggle, the movement, and even our successes". They will use the Salsa Platform as a megaphone to get their actions heard. The Alliance for Affordable Energy The Alliance for Affordable Energy is a nonprofit public interest membership organization dedicated to creating fair, affordable and environmentally responsible energy policies and programs for Louisiana and the nation. As Louisiana's only environmental and consumer advocacy organization, they provide traditional regulatory action combined with on-the-ground environmental programs and global warming activism. The Alliance would utilize Salsa, beginning with Email Targeting, Fundraising, and Supporter Management, to promote topics such as the current fight against converting a local power plant to use coal. People's Hurricane Relief Fund The mission of the People's Hurricane Relief Fund (PHRF) is to win the right of return with equity and justice for all those displaced as a result of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by building a multi-national mass movement, and to ensure that the civil and human rights of all New Orleans and Gulf Coast residents are respected and implemented throughout the United States. Akil Head of PHRF is excited to use the Salsa platform "...because the needs of the Gulf Coast are great and we need efficiency within our organization to continue the struggle of our work". The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project The Gulf Coast Civic Works Project (GCCWP) is a national effort to promote federal action to create 100,000 Work Progress Administration (WPA)-like jobs for Gulf Coast residents to rebuild their own communities. The GCCWP will solve three of the major questions facing the Gulf; the right to return, the rebuilding of the public infrastructure , and living wage jobs for local residents to rebuild their communities. Scott Myer-Lipton noted "The GCCWP is a movement. There are 100s of college students and faculty across the country pushing for this federal action. With the support of DIA, we can continue to pressure Congress."


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