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Salsa Status Report IX

It's been a while since I've been able to get one of these out. A good number of improvements in this week's Salsa Status Report. More might come as I round up all the changes.

  • BUG: Links in summaryList.jsp are all relative now to prevent linking outside of packages. (medium)
  • BUG: Added deTag around supporter fields in several places to prevent javascript redirects (medium)
  • BUG: Fix for null blob values when running reports (medium)
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in reports when "is empty" was chosen in combination with AND conditions (major)
  • BUG: Fixed corrupted characters in email blasts (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed corrupted characters when editing templates (minor)
  • BUG: Fixed supporter segmenting in queries, which was broken for the 100th segment. (medium)
  • BUG: Append values in trigger and information from session cookie. (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Copy and Recycle options added to email blast listing for easier blast recycling (medium)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Added ability to upload first and last names to donation table with supporters (minor)
  • ENHANCEMENT: Changed wording on event/checkOut.jsp to ask for your credit card type in a more natural manner. (minor)
  • FORMATTING: Added a line break on the Tell A Friend page between "If you want to change your saved information..." and "Subject*" for readability. (minor)
  • FORMATTING: Added a number of new Ids and Classes to Petition pages. (minor)
  • FORMATTING: Added a number of new Ids and Classes to Storefronts, Store Items, and Shopping Cart. (minor)
  • FORMATTING: Added Id 'externalsend' to tellafriend.jsp (minor)
  • FORMATTING: Removed mal-formed HTML on Petition pages. (minor)
  • GRAMMAR: Fixed poor grammar on new Salsa log in page. (minor)
  • SERVERS: Made network improvements in the datacenter to improve overall speed (major)
  • SERVERS: Purchased hardware for new, higher performance web serving (major)




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