Salsa Scoop> The pre-Salsa DIA Platform: Not Long for Support

The pre-Salsa DIA Platform: Not Long for Support

As Christian hinted in the latest of his Salsa status reports, the pre-Salsa DIA tool won't be available much longer. Since Salsa's public release in March, we've been supporting two different user platforms in parallel -- setting up new users on Salsa only while gradually transitioning long-timers. That was always an interim solution, and with Salsa now by far the more robust platform and all new development happening on that side, it's approaching time to fully transition everyone and everything. We know that's a daunting prospect for many -- the need to acquaint oneself with a different software interface is nothing to be taken lightly. Longer-standing DIA users who haven't moved will have a DIA contact to help them navigate the shoals, and should expect to hear from someone in our shop over the next few weeks to get things underway. It can be done. Hundreds of campaign managers are using Salsa already. In the meantime, if you haven't been in Salsa lately -- or even if you have -- it's not a bad time to (re)acquaint yourself. Questions? Concerns? Abject terror? Can't stand the wait and want to move now? Drop us a note.


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