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Come On In, The Water's Fine: Kintera Joins DIA in the Open API Club?

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Kintera yesterday announced an "upcoming open application integration platform" that appears to kinda-sorta mark the long-awaited first hint of the giant CRM providers prying open their APIs and letting outside developers build out the power of their tools for custom cases without forking over a couple grants' worth of fees. NTEN is promising a forthcoming call to get into what's really opening and what's not, but as an open API shop since day one, we'd like to welcome the big K to the party, and assure them that it's a real blast if you come in past the cloakroom. And the party only improves by more guests bringing APIs.


date for call

You are the first to know... Call is scheduled for early September when the vacationers are back in town! Please come on by - and as good, hard questions! We'll send announcements out in the next few weeks and, of course, as always with our occasional community calls, they are free to any and all! Looking forward to seeing you there. Katrin

correct date for community call

with Kintera is August 15! Sorry -- announcements will be going out. Thanks! Katrin

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