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DIA Opens San Francisco Office

We've gone low-key with the launch, just sort of easing into things, but the rumors are out there and it's time to cop to them. DIA San Francisco is here. As many know, DIA was born in Washington D.C. (it's good of you not to hold that against us). It's been obvious from day one, though, that a lot of the best things in the space hail, like all good-hearted people, from points west, and we've long had our eye on opening up in the crucible of progressive nonprofit action that is the Bay Area. It'll enable us to offer a local support, training and networking presence, and further to the last of these, Californians should save July 13, when we'll be celebrating our opening along with the first anniversary of the San Francisco Nonprofit Technology Center on whose futons we're crashing. There'll be more communications about (and from) San Fran going ahead, and west coast clients especially should keep 'em peeled for accessing later support hours. And just to step out on a proper leave-em-hangin' conclusion: it's not the last new DIA local you'll be hearing about this summer.


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