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Happy Earth Day

A couple friends of DIA, Free Range Graphics and Care2, collaborated on this Earth Day piece, being used by Care2 to drive traffic, especially outside the U.S., to its Earth Day Pledge. Free Range Graphics, the creator of the piece, is offering a chance to get some of that action for yourself through their Gratitude Grant, but hurry -- the deadline is May 1.


Earth Day

Also teach the kiddies that "Earth Day" was created by a bunch of Pro-Marxist California radicals and it's founder learned that Russia's communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin believed that in order to take down capitalism is to take control the environment, take away private lands and give it to the state. So "Earth Day" was then selected to be celebrated on Lenin's birthday! Meanwhile you can also puchase medicine for preventive treatment of HIV through this link by using coupons and discounts.

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I have always wanted to draw

I have always wanted to draw, ever since I was a small child. I think that most kids like to draw, there’s something that’s very pure and beautiful about making marks on paper and creating an image CLIK HERE.

The best way to celebrate the earth day is to clean it and plant as much trees as we can so that we can payback to nature. Online essay help

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