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You ever have that moment -- where you think, what the devil did people do before the Internet? What did I do? And, "I'm one well-placed electromagnetic pulse from "Omega Man"? I debated in high school, moderately competently. Research was the coin of the realm in forensics, and I presume still is although I haven't been in the game in forever. Are those faint recollections of card catalogue lookups, photocopying magazine pages and then cutting and freaking pasting them -- like kindergarten -- really right? Dragging around several enormous tubs full of profoundly anti-ergonomic evidence to make sure of having the right sheet of paper to whip out and read? That world's information management seems closer to cloistered copyists than the life I lead at the moment. /reflections on needing to dig through the office for 10 minutes to find a hairstylist's business card because I couldn't just Google it.


Re: Dependence

We are living in an age of transition. Global warming, political stresses over diminishing resources, accelerated divisions between new technologies and old technologies. Our dependence on the new technologies accents the fragility of our civilization and the power of the technology controllers. However these new technologies are also providing new niches for entrepreuners and startup companies. Take for example, General Knowledge Base, a free form relational database which could easily replace all your paper rollodex files on a single topic and add room for thousands of other things you search for. Its powerful search and sort features provide you with information you never dreamed of ever needing to look for.

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