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Copious Salsa Documentation

A great software tool deserves great (and a great deal of) documentation. Simultaneous with polishing the code and building new features, we've been hard at work trying to take our documentation to a different place. We've been keenly aware for a while that we've left something to be desired in that department. Believe me, we're all tired ourselves of having to say that we're working on it. But we really have been. And finally, we have a comprehensive FDA-approved* label identifying every ingredient. Click here for your Salsa documentation. (It's permanently linked from our Training & Support section.) Now what you gets here at the moment is three different things, although like all great art it will over time grow and evolve new meanings, fresh interpretations, unexpected interlocutors. (And like the Capitoline Wolf, someone will come along later and slap some new content into it.) First, you get your basic user manual, also linked at various places around the headquarters, written through the herculean exertions of Nick Ballenger. Second, you get the Salsa spotlight series from this here blog. And third, you get on-demand video, as a Google video embed in accordance with the nonprofit techie charter. You've been waiting for this. There's just one there at the moment, on creating e-mail blasts:
More -- more videos, more text, more everything -- is coming. But what's there ought to keep you busy for a while. Here's that documentation page link again. *Warning: Not FDA-approved.


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