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Training and Support

Ah, yes ... the timeless joys of support. At least as funny is the feel-the-pain comment thread in the original YouTube link, e.g.:
I fully expected the book to catch on fire because of the candle, and for the "user" to say, "SEE! I LOST THE TEXT!" [I was expecting this too -jz]
Thats great, but wait until Book 2.0 comes out...he will be SCREWED! LMAO!!!!
... and reading deep enough, the oldest sympatico remarks are from librarians, not techies. (Via Michele at The Bamboo Project, who we really like even apart from the fact that she's nice enough to comment in these parts.) Elsewhere in the monastic blogosphere, ProBlogger counsels a What Would Buddha Do? response to online hostility, which is surely a lesson for the tech desk as well.


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