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DemocracyInAction's New User Interface Debuts

DemocracyInAction campaign managers yesterday were invited to the birth of our new user interace, Salsa, which reached its public beta phase. We'll have a great deal more to say about Salsa, whose innovations and extensibility extend very far beyond the more obvious boon of usability, for weeks and months to come. That will of course include more structured webinars and feature presentations. But for now -- for any admin-permissioned campaign managers who haven't checked it out, and for anyone in the broader world who wants to know what they're missing -- we've got baby pictures. You know how it is with proud parents. Here's what you'll see the first time you log in (and click any of these images for a larger version): salsaDashboard More on the flip ... Traverse the internal tabs for a smooth, visually pleasing navigation ... salsaSurf ... each with a dashboard every different DIA campaign manager in an organization can customize ... salsaSurfReports ... including taggable, custom-built reports. salsaReports Now, our public beta is not the nouveau "final product in all but name" public beta, but will actually involve working through some bugs that you'll probably run into if you click around enough. So it'll be "productizing" before your eyes if you want to check it out and help us out with feedback, and in the meantime the old DIA headquarters interface will continue on doing what it does while the newborn grows up. Hey, no sweat. Just gives us an excuse to send out another round of invitations when she celebrates Bat Mitzvah. (Tipsheet Tuesday will return next week.)


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