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E-xemplar: YouTube-DIA Campaign Mashup

On the DIA Support listserv, a question about integrating YouTube with DemocracyInAction pages yielded this nifty Oceana action page with a YouTube embed. Nice pairing. Cameron explains the trick to making sure YouTube plays nicely with DIA:
When embedding YouTube in DIA, the thing to look out for is the WYSIWYG ["What You See Is What You Get" -- the word processor-like HTML editor used in e-mail blasts and on some user-facing pages. -ed.] editor. It has a tendency to mangle code, so I would suggest disabling it when adding the HTML provided by YouTube.


I don't see the YouTube

I don't see the YouTube video, am I missing something? I see it in the source code as an "img src" but I don't see it on the page.

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