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Webb Campaigner Wins DIA Election Pool

Prior to November's election, we put out a lighthearted election pool to forecast the evening's returns. With Democrat Ciro Rodriguez' upset victory in Tuesday's runoff in TX-23, we finally have a winner. Jeff Popovich, a D.C. 501 Tech Club list reader who in September left a position as Vice President of Information Technology for a nonprofit called First Book to work on the Webb campaign and help defeat the marriage amendment in Virginia, predicted Democratic pickups in the House, the Senate, and the country's Governorships to within three seats, including a dead-on-balls accurate (it's an industry term) +32 seats in the House. (Contest rules count only party-affiliated Democrats and not independents, so the starting count of 201 in the House excluded Bernie Sanders, as does the closing count of 49 in the Senate; they also consider FL-13 closed by virtue of the state's certification, even though legal challenges or Congressional action might eventually force a re-vote.) Jeff then won a three-way tie by coming closest to Bob Casey's margin of victory over Rick Santorum. (Every single entry in the pool grossly underestimated this blowout, but Jeff's pick of 10.8% was slightly less gross than others.) Congrats, Jeff. You win -- wait for it -- absolutely nothing! Our next pool asks readers to pick the number of days into the 110th Congress that Democrats do something to make their supporters want to scratch out their own eyes. Starting over/under is 1.5 days.



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