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Pinochet Cheats the Hangman

General Augusto Pinochet paid much-belated homage to International Human Rights Day by following into the clay the lately deceased consiglieres of reaction, Milton Friedman and Jeane Kirkpatrick, who preached the catechisms on whose behalf the General wielded the terrible temporal authority. Three such dead within a month will test Ammit's digestion, but it is also the same month the pink tide swept Ecuador and restored their old adversary Ortega in Nicaragua. They escaped justice in this world. Let Chavez write their epitaph. Still, if Hell's grim tyrant (excuse me, Jeane) authoritarian is coming after the old Southern Cone team, Henry Kissinger -- back revisiting Inquisitorial schools of old, or whatever countries will still have him -- is nervous tonight. Update: Among the countless reactions to Pinochet's passing, this press release from DIA community member Institute for Policy Studies -- whose employees were brazenly assassinated by Pinochet's security forces not far from where I now sit -- bears special mention. Needless to say, the files all classified, the conspirators unindicted ... now that it's too late, they can probably be released in the interest of "healing". Justice delayed is justice denied. Update II: phronesisaical rounds up the A-list coverage, especially on today's repulsive Washington Post editorial on the dead thug. The Declassified Documentary Obit hits the primary sources.


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