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New Report Reveals how MoveOn's 3.2 million voters impacted elections

MoveOn's new report, Election 2006: People Powered Politics, is worth serious consideration for several reasons. First and foremost, they helped take back the House and shake up key Republican strongholds, through their impressive use of on-line and off-line organizing. The result: Moveon's 3.2 million volunteer made 7 million phone calls, organized 7,500 house parties, and launched 6,000 in-district events. They also raised and spent $27 million in this two-year election cycle, with mostly small donors. The list continues. How did they do this? 1) On-Line Tools: MoveOn used standard on-line tools, including a powerful CRM (Constituent Relationship Management system), that allowed them to send targeted email blasts, have supporters sign-up for house parties, collect donations, etc. 2) Smart Strategies: Such tools and tactics were combined with targeted messages, around timely events, in key races. They knew what issues resonated best with their members (because they asked them), and provided the road map and tools for them to achieve their goals. 3) Grassroots Organizing: You all know this (or should!). It's an essential component for any successful campaign. (Here's an essential reference.) What does this mean for smaller groups? Remember, MoveOn didn’t start with 3.2 million members. They used the above formula to build. You can do this too, albeit at a smaller scale. Though not every technique is available to every organization, the organizing principles are universal. What’s Next? Watch to see how they use the momentum of this huge victory to strengthen their support base for the next campaign.


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